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The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, no 7


This health magazine comes out every three months.

***Treating Menstrual Problems with Homeopathy   ***Can Vitamin C Prevent Osteoporosis?   ***A Real Cancer Breakthrough - Re-discovered

***The 5 Most Repeated Health Myths That Medical Doctors Have No Intention of Abandoning   ***Treating Diabetes with a Low Carb Diet


***Health Freedom News   ***New Zealand Native Medicinal Plants ***The Cancer Pages   ***GMO Updates   ***Vaccine Truth

This editions main articles

***Case Studies in Pain Relief and Healing with Scenar Technology   ***Is Ginger Better than Multi-Billion Dollar Acid Blockers?

***5 Foods NOT to Eat while Sick or Battling a Cold   ***Top 10 Natural Remedies for Common Childhood Illnesses

***Treating Cancer with Urea and Creatine   ***Cayenne - The Miracle Healer   ***The Elimination Diet - Benefits and Risks

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