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The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, No 3


This series comes out every three months. Topics include

The main articles in this Health Journal

*A Short Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments

*UPDATE - A Cure for Heart Disease - The Clinical Studies

*FEVER: Your Child's Best Friend?

*Is Astaxanthin The Miracle Anti-oxidant?

*Vaccine - Autism Link Confirmed: Dr Andrew Wakefield Vindicated

*What to do If the Hospital Refuses to Give You - or a Family Member - Vitamin C

*Heart Failure, Sudden Cardiac Death and Vitamin D

*The Miraculous Neem Tree

*Fluoride Poisoning and Fibromyalgia

*The Common Cold - Causes and Remedies

*Candida Link to Premature Ageing

*Grow Your Own First Aid Kit

*NZ Native Medicinal Plants

*The Real Long Term Danger of Antibiotics

*SOY: The Dark Side of a 'Health Food'

*DIY Acupuncture


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