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The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, no 19


This series comes out every three months. Topics include

**Health News Alerts  **Nutrition  **Cancer   **Vaccines **Anti-Ageing   *Sports Medicine**   **Breakthroughs

**Mental Health  **Cardiology  **Herbal Medicine   **Readers' Stories   **Reviews**

This issue's main articles

*Important New Study: Mammography is 'Harmful' and 'Should be Abandoned'

*Is Heart Disease a Vitamin C Deficiency?

*Is Everything You Learned About The Cause of Polio Wrong?

*What is the Evidence for Chemo?

*What Screen Addiction is Doing to Your Children

*The 'Food Pyramid' Debunked

*Colloidal Silver - Effective and Much Safer Than Antibiotics

*Antibiotics and the Gut Microbiome

*Is Cannabis an Effective Treatment for Migraines?

*Herbal Remedies for Allergies


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