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Bamboo Toothbrush


The Woobamboo toothbrushes utilize organically grown bamboo, are sustainably grown and panda-friendly, have biodegradable handles, are anti-microbial and are stylish and unique.

All the bristles usea are the highest quality of Dupont Tynex Bristles.

The Toothbrushes are made of sustainably and organically grown bamboo - in face the same bamboo as cutting boards are made from.

The toothbrushes are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials - soy ink has been used. The backing cards are made with pot-consumer waste and are re-recyclable. The plastic used is called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). But why use plastic at all? There are several reasons for it.

1. STERILITY - its a toothbrush, so you'll inevitable be putting it in your mouth. The safest way to guarantee these toothbrushes are clean, is to deliver them to you sealed in the plastic blister packs.

2. RETAIL-FRIENDLINESS - Every time someone decides to buy one of the eco-friendly toothbrushes, its one less plastic brush ending up in a land fill. The toothbrush could be put in a 100% biodegradable box instead of the blister - but they aren't as appealing to consumers. Don't you think that most of the decidion is made when people can see how beautiful and natural the brushes are?

STANDARD HANDLE - The beautiful bamboo handle proveds a wavy grip that sits in the curve of the palm and offers a natural place for the thumb.


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